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Our Philosophy

We believe the markets continually present profitable opportunities to those who are prepared and know where to look. Using an equal measure of quantitative analysis, behavioral economics and top-tier technology, we position ourselves to exploit these opportunities and expand our book of financial instruments for the overall benefit of our employees and partners. Making this possible is a diverse group of talented researchers, technologists, and traders working together to drive our growth.
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Positioned to Make the Most of Today’s Evolving Market Opportunities.

At Cornerstone PTG, we focus on two main areas of trading – statistical arbitrage and equity derivatives. Our statistical arbitrage desk specializes in event-based trading and develops black box trading strategies for use in the equity and equity derivatives markets. Our equities derivatives desk concentrates on index arbitrage and special situation trading, including mergers and acquisitions, rights offerings and spin-offs.
The Backbone of Our Firm

Profitable market opportunities are easy to find if you have the knowledge, tools and technologies to spot them. With this understanding, we continually strive to implement the most advanced technologies available. If such tools are not available or aren’t up to our quality standards, our development team creates them for us.
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Building Blocks of the
Cornerstone Team

In 1991, with five market makers, we established Cornerstone Trading Group. By 2000, our firm had grown to encompass on-floor and off-floor market makers, independent traders and member traders. The emphasis we place on technology has been fundamental in helping us adapt in the face of changing market conditions. Today, our enthusiasm and desire to achieve success in the markets is as strong as it was nearly two decades ago. We continue to approach every trading opportunity and market challenge with high levels of energy, commitment and expertise.
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